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We all want to be recognized for our achievements, with a simple kind word, a public acknowledgment or a recognition gift. Service award programs are management's way of providing positive reinforcement directing attention to the rewards of dedication, loyalty, involvement and enhancement of an employee's value through public recognition. Done properly, the impact on your employees motivation is profound. Our mission is to make that the service rewards look great in front of employees through a seamless integrated program experience. Focusing heavily on customer service, with strict attention to detail has garnered us continued praise from our loyal clients for over 15 years.

Executive gifts for safety and attendance, long term years of service rewards. Recognition programs focus not on one-time achievements but rather, on cumulative levels of performance. They direct attention to those steady, good work attitudes that bring about a happy productive workplace. Employee recognition awards company that provides service reward programs for canadian companies in Ontario. Phone (905) 695-1900 - Fax (905) 695-2900 // Head office: 200 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 19 - Concord, ON Canada