Five Measurable Criteria for Setting Up an Employee Recognition Program

Jan 12, 2022

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Five Measurable Criteria for Setting Up an Employee Recognition Program

Have you decided to implement an employee recognition program in your organization? If so, you have won half the battle to keep your employees engaged and valued. The other half you can win only when you set the right measurable criteria to determine the success of the employee recognition program.  In this blog post, we will tell you five measurable criteria you can set to ensure the success of the employee recognition program in your organization. 

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition

An employee recognition program must have peer-to-peer recognition as the foundation of the program. Your employees tend to feel more valued and respected when their teammates recognize them for the work they have done.This also prompts other team members to put more effort into their work and recognize other peers for their efforts too. Several HR teams who have rated their employee recognition program as “good” have a strong peer-to-peer recognition strategy. 

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  • Social Recognition

When it comes to employee recognition or employee service awards, most people think it is about bonuses and monetary awards. But such is not the case! Social recognition is key to motivate employees to engage and stay loyal to the organization. Social recognition also motivates employees to recognize other peers for their good work and efforts. This will automatically help you build peer-to-peer recognition. 

  • Points Based Awards

Another way to boost social recognition in your employee recognition program is to have a points-based awards strategy. You give a certain number of points to all your employees allowing them to dish them out to other colleagues for good work. These points add up and the employee can redeem it for a specific type of award. This will give your employees the flexibility to choose their employee recognition awards rather than getting similar recognition awards as others. This will make each employee feel valued and respected.

  • Recognition from Leadership

As much as peer-to-peer recognition is important, so is recognition from leadership. After all, your employees are working under the guidance of their managers and upper management. Recognition coming down from the upper leadership of the company will certainly boost the motivation of your employees. So, make sure to set up a program that prompts the leadership to appreciate the associates and other employees in the organization. 

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  • Team and Personal Milestones

Employee recognition must be done every day. But amidst that, don’t forget to celebrate major milestones such as birthdays, work anniversaries, special recognition, team efforts, and more. Make sure your employee recognition program allows the employees to send personalized digital cards to other employees for their work. These five measurable characteristics of an employee recognition program will ensure that you are appreciating your employees for their achievements. If you also want to give them awards such as long term performance incentives get in touch with us as Diamond Recognition. We are a leading company and provider of employee recognition programs and awards for the past 75 years. Visit our website now.