Four Benefits of Employee Service Awards for Your Organization

Feb 28, 2022

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Four Benefits of Employee Service Awards for Your Organization

Before starting your business organization, you might have worked as an employee to gain some experience. Have you ever worked at an organization where all you got was a letter for your work anniversary? Or just a small mail from your boss saying how the years have gone by since you started working here? How disappointing that might have felt?  Make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake with your employees at the organization. To honor the services of a long-term employee, you need to give the right employee service awards that make them feel special, valued, and respected for their dedication and hard work.  Here’s how employee service awards can benefit your employees and thus your organization. 

  • Focus on Loyalty and Longevity

Employee service awards are an important part of cultivating loyalty and longevity in your employees. According to statistics, 76% of employees leave the organization in the first five years whereas 38% leave even before the first year ends. This is because of a lack of valuable recognition. Years of service awards are a great way to recognize and appreciate the time dedicated by your employees to grow your organization. This will cultivate loyalty and longevity in your team. 

  • Enhance Key Employee Metrics

Since the pandemic, the feeling of loneliness is at an all-time high. But making your employees feel a part of something will boost their morale. No matter whether your employees are working in the office or remotely, years of service awards such aslong term performance incentiveswill help them boost their morale. It will make them feel connected to something important in their life during such uncertain times. 

  • Demonstrate Company Values

If you want all your employees to imbibe the company values and demonstrate them in their work, years of service awards are a great way to achieve it. When you recognize and award an employee that has worked year after year following the company values, it motivates others to follow suit. Other employees, when seeing the recognition given to such an employee, can boost their morale to follow the company values and put sufficient effort into their work. 

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  • Employees Expect it

Believe it or not, employees expect to get recognition for their years of service. And if you ignore such major work milestones, it can dishearten the employees. This will also affect their morale and zeal to work. And you certainly don’t want that! Hence, make sure you recognize the years of service of your employees without them asking for it.And if you want some ideas and inspiration for employee services awards, get in touch with us at Diamond Recognition. We have been providingemployee recognition program, years of service awards, and long-term performance incentives to different organizations in the country. We have collaborated with major brands in the industry to bring you the finest employee recognition products. Contact our team now to know more.