Employee Service Awards and Recognition Programs

We are a corporate jewellery manufacturer and full service supplier of employee recognition programs for long term service, attendance or safety, with executive gifts and sales incentive rewards. Established in 1986, our head office is located at 200 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 19 in Concord, Ontario.

This state of the art facility in combination with our fully automated web process allows us to efficiently manage your employee awards and sales incentive programs from start to finish. We administer programs for all of Corporate Canada coast to coast, and ship to all locations in North America and abroad.

Employee Recognition Programs and Service Rewards

The importance of rewards including service awards and an employee recognition program in the motivation and engagement has been well documented and cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

To be effective, awards must always motivate them to higher standards of performance, have intrinsic values and offer peer recognition. They must be proud to work for and receive the reward. After all rewards are about recognizing the hard working dedicated members of your team that day to day, year to year, exemplify and deliver you mission statement.

We have partnered with over 75 current respected high value brand manufacturers to populate the varied exciting gift choices throughout our many years in business. Your fellow employees will quickly realize that there is an incredible range of gift choices available to them as we brand our way to dazzling service awards.


We all want to be recognized for our achievements, with a simple kind word, a public acknowledgment or a recognition gift. Service award programs are management's way of providing positive reinforcement directing attention to the rewards of dedication, loyalty, involvement and enhancement of an employee's value through public recognition. Done properly, the impact on your employees motivation is profound. Our mission is to make that the service rewards look great in front of employees through a seamless integrated program experience. Focusing heavily on customer service, with strict attention to detail has garnered us continued praise from our loyal clients for over 15 years.

Compound the benefits to derived when employees are motivated, enthusiastic, and productive, and the return on investment is expanded mightily. The prime factor in motivation is simply the self-perception among employees that they are in fact, doing well. Mere belief that they are succeeding will lead to more persistence, higher motivation and greater accomplishment, and quality executive gift from quality selected promotional products are powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal.

Our recognition programs focus not on one-time achievements but rather, on cumulative levels of performance. They direct attention to those steady, good work attitudes that bring about a happy productive workplace. Executive gifts for safety and attendance, long term years of service rewards from brand name suppliers. Employee recognition awards company that provides service reward programs for canadian companies in Ontario. Phone (905) 695-1900 - Fax (905) 695-2900 // Head office: 200 Edgeley Blvd. Unit 19 - Concord, ON Canada